Aims & Scope

Published three times a year, the Richmond Public Interest Law Review (PILR) highlights a broad range of public interest topics. This law review is made of University of Richmond Law second and third year students committed to discussion and analysis of public interest law and policy in hopes of engaging the legal community as a whole.

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review publishes one issue a year focusing on the Virginia General Assembly. This issue takes a closer look at the important legal issues and legislation passed during the General Assembly session. With this issue, PILR emphasizes the changes in the law that affect the public interest legal sphere and the Virginia law generally.

The Winter and Spring Issues of the Richmond Public Interest Law Review tackle general public interest law topics. Past issues have addressed a wide range of jurisprudence from historical reflections to emerging topics in the public interest arena.

Each year, the Richmond Public Interest Law Review hosts a symposium on an area of public interest law. Open to the public, the symposium showcases legal professionals, scholars, and policy makers who have in depth knowledge on a particular area of public interest. A publication follows the symposium with scholarly articles focusing on the same topic.

We invite you to explore our past issues, and we look forward to publishing more articles focused on the public interest.

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review welcomes submissions on a rolling basis. Please see the Policies tab for more information. Any other inquires may be sent to .