General Topics Issues

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review (PILR) publishes a broad range of writing in our General Topics issues, including both historical reflections and explorations of emerging topics in public interest law. Previous General Topics issues have included writing on criminal legal reform, environmental and energy law, housing security, healthcare access, tax policy, labor law, reproductive rights, immigration law, government surveillance, access to justice, electoral redistricting, disability rights, and countless other topics. We welcome submissions on all public interest topics.

To submit a General Topics manuscript for our review, please navigate to our Scholastica portal. We consider submissions on a rolling basis.

General Assembly Issues

PILR publishes writing on recent and ongoing developments in the Virginia legislature, as well as calls for public policy reform, in our General Assembly issues. Previous authors have included legislators, legislative advocates, and policy experts.

To submit a General Assembly manuscript or proposal for our review, please directly email our General Assembly Editors: Tucker Weiser (tucker.weiser@richmond.edu) and Ryan Pokorny (ryan.pokorny@richmond.edu).

Submission Guidelines

Anyone may submit an original piece of writing to be considered for publication in PILR provided they own the copyright for the writing being submitted or are authorized by the copyright owner or owners to submit the writing. PILR does not accept writing that has been previously published, or is forthcoming, in a journal or book (print or electronic). Please note that “publication” in a working-paper series or on a pre-print service such as SSRN does not constitute prior publication.

PILR requests that each submission be sent as a double-spaced Microsoft Word document with consecutively numbered pages and footnotes. There are no formal length requirements or limits for submissions. Submissions should adhere as best as possible to the style presented in the most recent edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. However, we do not expect perfection, and our editors will ensure proper style and formatting for all accepted submissions.