About PILR

Welcome to the Richmond Public Interest Law Review (PILR), formerly known as the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest, vol. 1 (1996) – vol. 27 (2023).

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review (PILR) is the scholarly voice for issues pertaining to social welfare, public policy, and a broad spectrum of jurisprudence. Published three times a year, PILR publishes its content online to reach the widest audience possible, while also publishing one annual print issue focused on the work of the Virginia General Assembly. Our authors have included experienced practitioners, esteemed legal professors, and insightful individuals working to change the world around them.

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review welcomes unsolicited submissions and accepts submissions on a rolling basis. PILR strives to publish a variety of articles addressing contemporary and controversial issues of either regional or national importance. We frequently accept exceptional student works to provide America’s newest generations of legal minds and public interest advocates with a platform. In addition to publication, the law review presents a symposium.

From Thomas Paine to Eleanor Roosevelt, words have been the priceless tools by which individuals effect true change. The Richmond Public Interest Law Review focuses on the crossroads where contemporary legal matters and champions of change meet.