The 2020 creation of the Virginia Commission on School Construction and

Modernization proved to be a pivotal moment in addressing the longstanding

issue of school construction and modernization in the state. With

$1.25 billion in new resources allocated for school divisions in 2022,

including an increased Literary Fund and a flexible formula-based grant,

legislators took decisive action to support school infrastructure. The creation

of the School Construction Fund and School Construction Assistance

Program, with ongoing funding provided through taxes on casino revenues,

marked a significant step forward in providing ongoing resources for school


Despite several successful legislative outcomes, some proposals—such as

the 1% sales tax authorization for localities and further financial investments

in 2023—faced challenges and were not enacted. Nevertheless, the 2022

session left a lasting impact on the education landscape, prompting

bipartisan support for continued progress. The Commission on School

Construction and Modernization played a vital role in shaping these

advancements, guiding policy makers in making informed decisions and

bolstering the state's commitment to improving learning environments for all

students. The path paved by the Commission offers hope for further

investments and reforms in the future, positioning Virginia as a leader in

supporting education infrastructure.