Jessica Rooke


The Florida hotspot of non-native invasive species has long been recognized as a fascinating, yet perplexing environmental issue since the late 1900s. After decades of patchwork efforts by the federal and state government, it has become clear that a more holistic approach must be taken to help eradicate the Burmese Pythons that have overtaken Southern Florida. This article highlights the prior efforts taken federally and state-wide to combat this issue and assesses the current gaps in these efforts and what must be done to achieve a more holistic approach. Other states are used as points of comparison in regard to their legislation and handling of non-native invasive species in order to display effective or ineffective efforts. As it currently stands, the environment and ecosystem of Southern Florida are suffering immense devastation at the hands of this non-native invasive species and something must be done to control, contain, and hopefully eradicate the issue at-hand.