The fossil fuel energy system, reinforced by oppressive policies and practices,

has disproportionately harmed poor people, Indigenous people, and

Brown and Black people and driven the global climate crisis. A just transition,

which displaces fossil fuels and redistributes renewable energy resources,

requires policies that are rooted in equity and shift power back to

the hands of the most vulnerable. Just Transition Activists, leaders, organizers,

and changemakers in the just transition movement, must develop transformative

skillsets necessary to radically reimagine our world and dismantle

the current unequal system of law and policy. This analysis explores the

skills, attributes, beliefs, and attitudes for Just Transition Activists required

in the pursuit of systemic change in the energy system. Section I discusses the

lessons learned from the environmental justice and climate justice movements,

which have yet to create the transformative change in the energy system

required for a just transition. Section II describes the Just Transition

Framework that provides a reimagined path forward to justice in the energy

system. And Section III explores a transformative skillset for Just Transition

Activists engaged in the energy justice movement. These recommendations

were crafted for activists and advocates to build upon lessons learned from

earlier movements and develop the skillsets necessary to achieve a truly just