Editor-in-Chief: Lizzy Ritchie
Executive Editor: M. Randell Scism
Managing Editor: Sahba Saravi

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Welcome to the Richmond Public Interest Law Review (PILR), formerly known as the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest, vol. 1 (1996) – vol. 23 (2020).

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review is the scholarly voice for issues pertaining to social welfare, public policy, and a broad spectrum of jurisprudence. Published three times a year, this law review publishes its content online to reach the widest audience possible, while also publishing one annual print issue focused on the work of the Virginia General Assembly. Our authors include experienced practitioners, esteemed legal professors, and insightful individuals working to change the world around them. Any inquires may be sent to .

Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 3 (2020) General Topics