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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


This paper is about conflict management, resolution, and conflict use. Conflict through its proper and successful resolution can be used for successful change and enhanced relationship building.

As the Twenty-first Century rolls around, our society can look forward to an increase in the expression of diversity throughout the world. Kathleen E. Allen et al. in their paper, "Leadership in the Twenty-First Century," note that as economies, institutions, and perspectives had become more globalized, immigration and population growth have increased (4-7). As diversity in our lives and our work force increases, future leaders will no doubt encounter the differing perceptions and interpretations that make up conflict.

This project will look at conflict at the individual level in organizations and groups. Often conflict among individuals and among groups occur simultaneously. Attention will be given to recognizing motivational and reactions among other individuals, and maximizing efficiency in an organization experiencing conflict. This paper will not address conflict on the scale of international politics or government, although its analysis and conclusions can be applied to the leaders of modern government. This paper will also not specifically address the deal-making and negotiation of business transactions (e.g. Mergers, acquisitions, etc).