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"Once again we express a sincere welcome to the class of 1999 - all 152 of you. I thought it would be appropriate, this morning, to tell you and the faculty who you are. Can you guess who is who? Well - you've the next three years to find out."

“Your average LSAT is 158, which is the same as last year's class, and places you in the 77th %ile of all those who took that test during the past 3 years. Two of you scored 168 - the 97th %ile - on that test. Your average GPA is 3.1 and the highest GPA in your class is 4.07.”

“6 of you were paralegals and 3 of you are CPAs. 5 of you are engineers. Several of you interned in the White House and for members of the Senate and Congress. One of you built a light weight, 2 seater airplane and flew the initial test flight.”

“One of you assisted with the African Heads of State Summit and one of your class studied at Oxford University for a year. Another has been a mental health worker for 7 years and one of your class studied for a semester in Australia. One of your classmates is an All American High Jumper and represented the United States abroad becoming the International Champion in Wales.”