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“Once again we express a sincere welcome to the class of 2001 - all 168 of you.”

Hold on to your socks - 54% of this entering class is female -14% more than last year when only 40% of the class were women. The class's average age is slightly over 25. One of you is 21 and one of you is 72. Twenty-four of you are married.”

“Thirteen of you have advanced degrees.106 - 59% have been out of school at least one year and one of you graduated from their undergraduate school 53 years ago.” “Who is the woman in your class who holds a black belt in karate? One' of you has a brother who was a gold medalist in the Olympics - twice - and was lucky enough to carry the Olympic Torch. Who is your class was a Ranger and a parachutist. Did you know that someone in your class was an elected School Board trustee? I'd like to meet the gentleman in your class who has been a farmer for several years or the fellow who flies airplanes. And I have a few tasks for the accomplished carpenter amongst you. A novelist is in your midst and has already been published 4 times. Brave is the mother of 3 children who completed her degree at age 31 before coming here today.”