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“Once again, we express a sincere welcome to the class of 2005 - all 178 of you. I thought it would be appropriate, this morning, to tell you, and the faculty, who you are. Can you guess who is who?”

“You have had some pretty amazing careers pre law school. Can you believe 28 of you have been paralegals? A police officer and a detective sit among you. One of them teaches 4th amendment law and narcotics investigation to area law enforcement officers - as well as marksmanship....but you can feel protected by the Special Agent for the US Department of State who was in the Secretary of State’s protective detail or by the fellow who is a shooting coach. It will be interesting, in your environmental law class, to hear from the student who worked for a nationally recognized leader in the field of environmental safety and health regulatory compliance training or the woman who worked at one of the largest and most successful environmental organizations in the world. One of them said, “I’ve trained thousands of people from all areas of industry, government, public agencies and corporations, all branches of the military, higher learning institutions and other lawyers including one who went on to Yale Law School”; Or, here’s a fascinating career.....someone in your class spent time isolating DNA samples from toe and tail samples of mice. Well.....we said there was great diversity in your class!”