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“Once again, we express a sincere welcome to the class of 2006 - all 163 of you.”

“Five engineers - electrical, mechanical and software sit among you. Teachers too, including one who taught children with emotional and behavioral disorders. One of you served in the Navy as a Legal Officer, 2 of you have worked as patent examiners in the US Patent and Trademark Office, another works with a University company that takes new ideas, inventions and methods generated at the university and patents or licenses them to promote further advancement. It will be interesting, in your environmental law class, to hear from the student who worked one summer as a Mosquito Technician. I suspect the Parole Officer sitting in your class who is also a sex offender specialist will have a lot to offer... of course it’s a secret that she’s certified to carry concealed weapons. Or, here’s a fascinating career... someone in your class worked as an actor/director/producer with a theater company founded to expose the community to new playwrights and under-exposed minorities, specifically women. Another served both as a political director for the North Carolina Speaker of the House and a marketing associate for the Dave Matthews Band.”