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“Politics seem to entice a great many of you with you demonstrating your interest by working on political campaigns and being members of the staffs of Congressmen and Senators. Legislative aides, judicial interns, senate interns – lots of you have made your political mark. I had to laugh when reading one of your narrative statements in which one of you confided that with great difficulty you had to “come out to your parents” and admit to being….a Democrat.”

“Your interests and talents are varied and you are accomplished in so many areas. One of you is currently the principal bassoonist with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic, several of you are award winning debaters; another is the spokesperson for the Pink Pistols and has been interviewed by Time magazine; several of you are published; one of you grew up without a shower which taught her to be flexible and to know there are multiple ways to accomplish things. So many of you have won awards for a wide variety of things – one of you even scored a perfect score on the SATII – and another won an Emmy for producing a television show. One of you has been to over 40 countries in the last 4 years having such adventures as meeting Fidel Castro and sailing up the Saigon River while having a barbeque with 600 kids. One of you was the California Cherry Blossom Princess and one of you is a Wiccan. Another studied at the Wooden Boat School to learn the art of wood and canvas boat restoration.”

“There are 171 stories amongst you and all of them shed light on your personalities, hopes and dreams. But, half the fun of being in this law school is getting to know those who are going to become your life-long friends so I’ll stop now and wish you good luck and good fun on the adventure upon which you are now embarking.”