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“Fifty-three percent (53%) of this entering class is female 10% more than last year and the second highest percentage of women in a 1L class in our history. This class’s average age is 24 - about the same as last year. Twenty of you are married (at least at the time of your application) and quite a few of you have children – one of you is the father of twins. A couple of you have literally just returned from your honeymoons. You come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. In fact, this entering class has the greatest number of African Americans enrolled in our one hundred and thirty-six year history – 22 or 14% of the class. The great grandfather of one of you graduated from this law school in 1916, another’s grandfather graduated in 1993 at age 60. We are pleased that many of you are following in the footsteps of your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, great uncles, sister in law and other family members who attended this wonderful law school.”

“Many of you have been teachers – not just in the classroom but as tutors to inner city children, teaching children to ride horses for therapy and for fun, teaching English as a second language both in foreign countries and at home. One of you contributed to the Terrorism Research Center and helped put together a list of possible key players in the London train bombings connecting them to key players in the 911 attacks and Madrid train bombings; another, a physics teacher, taught at John’s Hopkins as a Flight Science Instructor teaching the history of flight and physics associated with flight to extremely gifted elementary children; another has been a professional photographer. I am particularly curious about your colleague who has made his living as a stand-up comedian/writer appearing on The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn and performing in such locales as the Comedy Store in LA – this fellow was in the horror send up film ‘Santa’s Slay” (spelled SLAY) – all this after starting his career as an investment banker. Huh, maybe that isn’t such a segue after all.”