Now in its fourth year, the Library Assessment Committee at the University of Richmond has made great strides in establishing a sustainable assessment program within Boatwright Library. Prior to 2008, limited staff, time, expertise, and commitment were barriers to establishing an ongoing assessment program. As with many other liberal arts college libraries, most of our assessment efforts had focused on information literacy, since instruction is integral to the library and the university's mission. Library surveys and other assessment methods had only received close attention when the university was embarking on its re-accreditation process. With the growing emphasis on assessment within higher education and the emergence of a new strategic plan for the university, the university librarian made a commitment to build a formal library assessment program.Jim Self and Steve Hiller, Association of Research Libraries consultants, visited the University of Richmond in the fall of 2008 to offer the "Effective, Sustainable and Practical Library Assessment" analysis, their first visit at a small liberal arts institution.

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