New York University's Data Service Studio has recently launched the NYU Survey Service, whose ultimate aim is to support the development and administration of surveys of all types. For the web-based component, we utilize a product called Qualtrics, which allows university affiliates to develop and administer web-based surveys. This article describes the process by which we at NYU came to offer the service during a time when concerns abound about the ability of libraries to support and expand services while still meeting service imperatives such as robust data services. While many considerations went into this evaluation and the ultimate conclusion to pilot the service, we emphasize those most related to data and information literacy, undergraduate instruction, learning and research, library collaborations and application administration and support.

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Guss, Samantha, David M. McGarry, and Jason B. Phillips. "The NYU Survey Service: Promoting Value in Undergraduate Education."College and Undergraduate Libraries 18, no. 2&3 (2011): 183-199. doi:10.1080/10691316.2011.577672.