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Master of Arts



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Dr. John L. Gordon, Jr.


This thesis examines why and how two couples in Richmond, Virginia came to purchase and transport from England to America two ancient English manor homes. A brief overvie\v of the backgrounds and ideas of Alexander and Virginia Weddell and Thomas C. and Elizabeth Williams, Jr. is offered, along with a look at the Richmond of the 1920s into which they brought these homes. As with any major undertaking such as this, the press and public had opinions to share, both in England and America, many of which are found in newspapers of the day. Articles, editorials, and letters to the editors are explored here in an effort to understand why citizens of both countries felt the way they did. The majority of the press coverage in England was negative, while American papers, notably in Richmond, were positive. The reasons for those contradicting views are studied here. The British government did not remain silent on the subject of the transportations. Although Parliament had given attention to ancient monument preservation prior to the time that Warwick Priory and Agecroft Hall were transplanted. prompted new debates. Finally the fate and future of English building preservation is examined.

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