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Master of Science



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Dr. William S.Woolcott

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Dr. Francis B. Leftwich

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Dr. Richard W. Topham


Summer somatic indices of three and four year old striped bass (Morone saxatilis) from Lake Anna (LA), Virginia, a cooling water reservoir, indicated prey ingestion was not sufficient to maintain growth during summer months when striped bass metabolism was elevated by thermal and hypoxic stress. Vitello-lipid and vitello-protein concentrations of stressed LA striped bass were compared to those of non-stressed striped bass from Smith Mountain Lake (SML) , Virginia, a hydroelectric reservoir. Seasonal comparisons of LA and SML striped bass vitello-lipid concentrations and vitello-protein concentrations showed no significant differences between sites (P [less than or equal to] 0.05). Vitello nutrients were not utilized as metabolic substrates by stressed LA striped bass, indicating striped bass vitello-nutrient deposition is not significantly affected by thermal, hypoxic, and starvation stresses of eight to ten weeks duration.

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