Jules J. Loos

Date of Award

Summer 1967

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Master of Science




In view of the close phylogenetic relationship between the two sym­patric species of darters, Percina notogramma (Raney and Hubbs) and Percina peltata (Stauffer), placed in the subgenus Alvordius by Bailey and Gosline (1955), it is of interest to compare them in more detail than has been done in the past. Percina notograrnma occurs only in the Chesapeake Drainage in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia whereas P. peltata ranges from Virginia to New York. Adequate comparisons of their external. morphological characters have been presented by Raney and Hubbs (1948) in their original description of P. notogramma. Supplementary data were provided by Hogarth and Woolcott (1966) in a paper describing the subspecies, P. n. montuosa, from the James River. In the present study, some observations indicating introgressive hybridization and others on behavioral characters will be followed by an attempt to integrate the evidence each provides concerning the phylogenetic relationship of the two species.

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Biology Commons