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Organized Baptist work began in Richmond in June, 1780. Several families belonging to the Boar Swamp Baptist Church in Henrico County had moved into the Richmond area. The distance, the road conditions, and the modes of travel made it difficult for these people to worship regularly at their church. Their pastor, Joshua Morris, also realized their problem, During the month of June, 1780, he met with these folks at the home of Mr. John Franklin, located on the northeast corner of Carrington and Pink Streets in the east end of Richmond. There were fourteen in attendance. Together they had prayer and religious conversation. It was at this meeting that the Richmond Baptist Church (now First Baptist) was constituted. The fourteen in attendance became the charter members. Of these, only four names have been preserved. These are Mr. John Franklin, at whose house the church was constituted and frequently met; Mr. John Williams; Mrs. Lewis; and Mrs. Martha Miller, at whose house the church also met periodically. Nothing else is known of this organizational meeting. Nevertheless , out of these humble beginnings has developed the Baptist ministry within the City of Richmond today.

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