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In March 1778, there enlisted in the Continental Army a young man, Griffith Dickenson, who was later the grandfather of David Vincent Dickenson.

This young man had been born in Hanover County, Virginia, on August 8, 1757. However, only a comparatively few years of his life were spent at the place of his birth. There was an unfortunate second marriage of Griffith's father which led to his departure, at the age of twelve, from the paternal home. Refuge was found in the home of a kind-hearted mechanic where Griffith worked as a helper, or assistant, until he was eighteen years old. Now young Dickenson determined that he should make his own way. More than a year was spent seeking suitable employment, and finding it difficult to procure, Griffith enlisted in the Continental Army.

After joining the army, young Dickenson was ordered to the Southern department and served successively under Generals Howe, Lincoln, Gates, and Greene in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia.

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