Brands constitute the largest asset for many firms, and brand valuations are increasingly being seen as an important performance metric both for companies and managers.1 In addition, components of brand valuation models have been found to positively impact financial market performance, so it is critical that managers understand clearly what brand value is, and how they can create and appropriate (capture) as much of that value as possible.2 Due to resource constraints, firms are forced at any given time to emphasize either value creation or value appropriation based on strategic priorities. Research shows that the stock market rewards increased emphasis on value appropriation over value creation,3 but it is obvious that value must be created before it can be appropriated. This special issue on Brand Value and Valuation presents the latest research and ideas related to the diverse drivers of long-term brand value, strategies for appropriating brand value, valuation methodologies, and uses of brand valuation in practice.

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Raggio, Randle D., and Robert P. Leone. "Drivers of Brand Value, Estimation of Brand Value in Practice and Use of Brand Valuation: Introduction to the Special Issue." Journal of Brand Management 17, no. 1 (2009): 1-5. doi:10.1057/bm.2009.16.