This research explores the domain of strategic management for evidence of publication bias—the systematic suppression of research findings due to the magnitude, statistical significance, or generally accepted direction of effect sizes. We review why publication bias may exist in strategy research as well as report empirical findings regarding the influence of publication bias in the field. Overall, we found evidence consistent with the inference that publication bias affects many, but not all, topics in the strategic management research. Correlation inflation due to publication bias ranged from an average change in magnitude from .00 (no bias) to .19. These results serve to illustrate the robustness of some important empirical findings while also suggesting that caution should be exercised when interpreting other scientific conclusions in the field of strategic management. We discuss how publication bias can be addressed both philosophically and empirically in the domain of strategy.

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Harrison, Jeffrey S., George C. Banks, Jeffrey M. Pollack, Ernest H. O’Boyle and Jeremy Short. “Publication Bias in Strategic Management Research." Journal of Management 43, no. 2 (2017): 400-425.