The treatment of chronic diseases consumes 86% of U.S. healthcare costs. While healthcare organizations have traditionally focused on treating the complications of chronic diseases, advances in information technology (IT) and analytics can help clinicians and patients manage and slow the progression of chronic diseases to result in higher quality of life for patients and lower healthcare costs.

We build on prior research to introduce the notion of temporal displacement of care (TDC), in which IT and analytics create healthcare value by displacing the time at which providers and patients make interventions to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. We propose that healthcare value is created by strategic actions taken at specific points-in-time during the treatment process. Our theoretical development identifies TDC mechanisms through which IT and analytics displace later high cost interventions in favor of earlier preventative procedures.

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DOI: 10.25300/MISQ/2020/15085

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Thompson, Steve, Jonathan Whitaker, Rajiv Kohli, and Craig Jones. “Chronic Disease Management: How IT and Analytics Create Healthcare Value Through the Temporal Displacement of Care.” MIS Quarterly 44 (June 2019): 1-30. DOI: 10.25300/MISQ/2020/15085