Corporate responsibility for consumption-related issues has been on the business ethics agenda for several decades. However, some recent consumption-related issues, such as obesity, differ qualitatively from the traditional product liability cases. This study proposes an alternative responsibility concept, referred to as the social connection corporate responsibility (CR). A detailed conceptualization of a social connection CR is presented and subsequently contrasted with the liability approach to CR. Then, a social connection logic to the case of obesity is applied followed by an examination of how fast-food chains are socially connected to obesity, and of what kind of responsibilities such a social connection implies.

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Judith, Schrempf-Stirling. "A Social Connection Approach to Corporate Responsibility: The Case of the Fast-Food Industry and Obesity." Business & Society 53, no. 2 (March 2014): 300-32. doi:10.1177/0007650312449577.