Murray J. Janus


Professor Ronald J. Bacigal of the T.C. Williams School of Law has made a valuable contribution to the criminal justice system with the recent publication of this book. Not only is the book well-written, but it is succinct and of a size that will easily fit into a lawyer's briefcase to accompany him to court. The manner in which the book is written is such that it can be readily understood by laymen interested in the law or used as the text for a course on criminal procedure in law school or college, and yet the book is detailed enough and specific enough that its most valuable potential use is for the everyday practitioner of criminal law. The talent to serve all of these different purposes within the confines of one short book is unique, and Professor Bacigal is to be commended for it. No novice Virginia criminal lawyer fresh from law school should undertake to represent a citizen accused of a crime without having this handy book in his library.