Students' Guide to Article 9 and Related Statutes

David G. Epstein, University of Richmond
David Frisch, University of Richmond

Co-edited with Larry Bates, David Frisch, Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger, Elizabeth H. McCullough, Douglas K. Moll, Thomas E. Plank, & Mark Wessman.


Our goal in this book is to make Article 9 better for you. While we can not claim we have made Article 9 clear, elegant, graceful, or lucid, we have made it easier for you to use and understand it by (1) alerting you to important statutory words and phrases with Non-Obvious Definitions and (2) identifying Other UCC Sections to Look to When You Look at Section __________ and (3) explaining what to look for when reading important sections in our Unofficial Comments and more extended commentaries.