Bankruptcy Materials and Cases, Third Edition

David G. Epstein, University of Richmond

Coauthors include, Bruce Markell, Steve H .. Nickles, and Elizabeth Perris.


Bankruptcy impacts so many aspects of what lawyers do, from business transactions to consumer protection to litigation of domestic relations matters. Understanding bankruptcy is thus critically important for almost every lawyer. To meet this challenge, we want you to learn the basics of debtorcreditor law, to become familiar with the issues of debtor-creditor law that you are likely to encounter in practice, and to think about the policy questions that underlie those issues. While policy questions are consistently and constantly raised, the book does not espouse any particular theory or philosophy of debtor-creditor law. You are left to develop your own opinions on these policy issues. The only "message" that we are trying to convey is that this stuff is important, interesting and intellectually challenging.