In earlier essays Henry Perritt, Marvin Anderson, Gary Bass and Patrice McDermott discuss the increasing use of computers to access information through the information superhighway, the Internet and online services, the increasing reliance on electronic formats by publishers and the federal government and the continuing debate about "information redlining." They indicate that information redlining is broader than just the availability and effects of technology and enhanced online services on lower income, minority and rural communities. It also deals with what information will be available to these groups. As more and more data comes in digital form and when some information can be found only in cyberspace, some believe that the economically disadvantaged and the rural communities will suffer more significantly than the affluent and the urban communities. This bibliography, distributed at the "National Conference on Legal Information Issues," provides locations for additional perspectives about the subjects discussed by the panelists.

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Coauthored with Rhonda Oziel