The Law Reports of J. Singleton Diggs of Lynchburg, Virginia

William Hamilton Bryson, University of Richmond


John Singleton Diggs practiced law in Lynchburg, and he served in the Senate of Virginia representing the City of Lynchburg and Campbell County from 1881 to 1887. He was then judge of the Corporation Court of the City of Lynchburg from 1888 to 1895. After that, he returned to the practice of law in Lynchburg. The first edition of Decisions of Judge J. Singleton Diggs of Corporation Court of Lynchburg, Va., was published without any mention of place or date of publication or of publisher or printer. The original edition of these five cases was 49 pages. It is now a very rare pamphlet, and therefore this new edition has been prepared. In making this second edition, modem forms of citations of cases have been added, and typographical errors have been corrected. The notes at the end of the cases were written by Judge Diggs, but the other apparatus has been supplied by the current editor with the kind assistance of Allen R. Moye.