The anonymous set of law reports now first published here includes cases from the Court of Chancery from 1706 to 1715, the judicial tenures of Lord Cowper, 1705 to 1708, Lord Harcourt, 1710 to 1714, and Lord Cowper again, 1714 to 1718. There were commissioners to hold the great seal and to sit in the Court of Chancery from 1708 to 1710. Although there are a few cases from the time of Lord Cowper and earlier, the vast majority are reports of cases decided by Sir Simon Harcourt, Lord Harcourt (1661- 1727), who was Lord Chancellor from 1710 to 1714.1 At the beginning of this collection of cases are nineteen slightly earlier cases, mostly from the Court of Chancery, but there are a few others; they are not in strict chronological order. Then begins the systematic reporting of Harcourt's cases. At the end of this collection are some cases from the second tenure of Lord Cowper as Chancellor, Case No. 372 to the end.

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Reports of Cases in the Court of Chancery in the Time of Lord Harcourt (1710-1714). Dog Ear Publishing, 2014. 518 pages, hardcover, $32.95 (shipping not included).

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