Virginia Law Books: Essays and Bibliographies

William Hamilton Bryson, University of Richmond


The making of this collection was inspired by two phenomena. The first was the publication in 1990 of Erwin Surrency's book, A History of American Law Publishing. This book was enthusiastically received as the first comprehensive book on law publishing in America. I join in the praise of Professor Surrency, and I have valued his friendship for many years. However, his book is the beginning, not the end, of the study of the subject; it is the pathbreaker and the guide to further research. This collection of essays and bibliographies attempts to provide another piece of the larger picture. Whereas Professor Surrency'sbook is broad, this one is deep, so far as our limited resources of and energy have permitted. We have benefitted greatly from Professor Surrency's work, and we have attempted to add the details as to the Commonwealth of Virginia.