Professor Leslie Bender's recent essay, An Overview of Feminist Torts Scholarship, contributes substantially to the construction of feminist perspectives on tort law. She carefully and comprehensively surveys burgeoning feminist scholarship in the field of torts. Professor Bender closely examines feminist histories of substantive tort law, the application of feminist theory to tort doctrine, to tort law concepts, and to the teaching of torts, tort issues that are important to women's lives, social science research involving feminism and torts, book reviews that are relevant to feminist tort law, and overviews of material that implicate feminist viewpoints of torts. After Professor Bender persuasively demonstrates the breadth and depth of feminist scholarship in the torts area, she recognizes that considerable work remains to be undertaken and concludes with a call for feminist torts scholars to redouble their efforts.

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Commentary on Leslie Bender, An Overview of Feminist Torts Scholarship, 78 Cornell L. Rev. 575 (1993).