This article seeks to. trace the development of the right to treatment in the juvenile justice system from its origins to the present. This exposition does not represent an in-depth analysis of the concept. Instead it seeks to acquaint the reader with how the right has been interpreted as being applicable to various phases of the juvenile system. This is accomplished through a summary of individual cases.

The author does not intend to posit her views on the future role the right to treatment will play in the juvenile justice system or the influence that it will have on decision makers. Whether the right will be part of the vocabulary of the system in ten years is uncertain. Indeed, we are, perhaps, now at the turning point where the idea Will be either totally rejected or accepted as an integral part of the juvenile justice system.

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Reprinted in Juveniles in Justice, H. Ted Rubin, ed. (Goodyear Publishing Co., Inc., 1980).

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