This has been an active year in the area of housing and community development, with many of the recent changes oriented toward coping with a fluctuating housing finance market or assessing the effect of increased governmental activity in many sectors upon private rights and causes of action. The first section by the members of the Committee on Housing and Community Development focuses upon recent changes in federal regulations dealing with the private sector, more specifically the fundamental change in enforcement of "due-on-sale" clauses. The second section in this article examines new policies relating to transfers of the ownership of housing projects encumbered by mortgage loans insured or held by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The third section analyzes a new trend in the eminent domain powers of community redevelopment agencies: the ability to choose between competing proposals of owner participants notwithstanding one owner's right to participation. The final section briefly reports on the progress of the Governmental Leasing Act of 1983 in the House and Senate.

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Co-author's include Barbara Sarshik, Michael B. Montgomery and Sheldon L. Schreiberg.

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