As an ongoing project, the effort to digitize and present the Sutton Collection is far from complete. Our effort has the potential to become a leading resource for materials relating to the Tokyo trial and, with the help of our faculty partners, to demonstrate relevancy of the trial to current issues in international criminal law and to the development of Japan’s role in modern East Asia. As the project team learns more about the collection, consults with similar projects, and continues to implement innovative applications, processes are constantly updated. The coming year should bring further progress, and we look forward to getting a portion of the materials online, making contact with other similar projects, and becoming more deeply involved with the Legal Tools Database project. It is UR’s hope that its endeavor to digitize and present the entire Sutton Collection online will spark new scholarship and understanding of the trial while highlighting the contributions and experiences of a Virginian during this significant episode in twentieth-century history.

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Co-authored with Chris Kemp