Admissibility of Evidence in Virginia: A Manual for Virginia Trial Lawyers, 1st Edition

Ronald J. Bacigal, University of Richmond

Co-authored with Thomas F. Guernsey.


This book compiles statutory and case law dealing with the admissibility of evidence. An alphabetical format keyed into subject headings is utilized in order to facilitate quick, accurate access to cases and statutes which answer roost basic evidentiary questions. We have also tried, where feasible, to use the language of the court or statute rather than our own interpretation. We believe this approach roost usefully serves the purposes of providing a quick, authoritative answer. The format does not allow for extended theoretical discussion, nor does it purport to be an exhaustive survey of all relevant cases. The reader is encouraged to consult the primary sources himself. We have facilitated use of the primary sources by providing complete citations, including the specific page upon which a quotation appears.

The book focuses upon issues concerning the admissibility of evidence as opposed to issues concerning underlying substantive elements of a particular cause of action. On occasion, however, we have felt it necessary to include material, such as the elements of particular crimes or tort causes of actions which, while not technically matters of evidence, deal directly with the admissibility of evidence.