Criminal Law: Cases and Comments, 6th Edition

Ronald J. Bacigal, University of Richmond

Co-authored with Andre E. Moenssens, Gerald G. Ashdown, and Fred E. Inabu.


The 1998 sixth edition of Cases and Comments on Criminal Law continues the format of subject-matter structure that was introduced with the fifth edition and has proven successful and eminently workable in the classroom. The subject content has been updated by the inclusion of many modern cases. This applies equally to principal cases and in the accompanying notes. Some of the subject matter has been shlfted in a slightly dilferent organizational framework, in accordance with helpful suggestions received by the authors from other law professors. The basic structure, that begins the study of criminal law by focusing on general concepts of criminality, has been maintained. Thus, we begin with a study of act, intent, lack of intent, proximate cause, and burdens of proof.