In 1971, G. I. O. Duncan published a learned and useful book entitled The High Court of Delegates. This excellent treatise describes the jurisdiction, administration, procedures, and records of this court with exceptional clarity. In 2004, the substantive law of the Court of Delegates was fully and admirably expounded by R. H. Helmholz in The Oxford History of the Laws of England, Volume 1, The Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction from 597 to the 1640s. For the next step in the study of this court to be taken, more of the source materials from this court needs to be made available, and it is to further this goal that this collection of reports of cases is published.1 Although the official records, including the decrees, of this court have been preserved in the Public Record Office, nevertheless, the unofficial reports composed by the lawyers and judges give a unique, if sometimes quirky, insight into the law, and the reasons of the law, that was adjudicated there. Therefore, this collection of reports of cases has been compiled and disseminated...

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