Environmental Law Practice: Problems and Exercises for Skills Development

Noah M. Sachs, University of Richmond


One of the few books to focus on practice as opposed to pure substantive issues, this book provides environmental law teachers with a new resource for imparting practical skills. The authors have drawn on their wide experience as environmental law professors and practitioners to develop realistic exercises that teach the craft of environmental lawyering. Readers will learn how to bring a federal enforcement action against a polluter; negotiate a Superfund settlement; prepare documents and strategy for a citizen's suit; counsel a corporation on environmental compliance; and comment on an EPA rule making, as well as many other relevant skills. Environmental Practice is comprehensive in scope. It contains problems and exercises under each of the major environmental statues. In addition, it places readers in the three key roles played by environmental lawyers--government attorney, corporate counsel, and public interest advocate--and provides practice pointers for each of these types of work. The book makes extensive use of original documents such as the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), regulatory preambles and agency guidance, exposing students to the materials that environmental lawyers use most.