This Ninth Edition is evolutionary and revolutionary.

It evolves from the First Edition of the casebook in 1979, brought to us by Professor Daniel R. Mandelker, and will be familiar territory to casebook way-finders who have traversed the Eighth Edition. This one, as is to be expected with any new edition, updates references extensively throughout and replaces some principal cases with newer and more relevant recent decisions. We are the same co-authors who wrote the prior edition and have enjoyed continuing to work together. The casebook is better for our collective, institutional memory and cooperative co-authorship. We like the work and are pleased to build further from the solid foundation of nearly four decades of scholarship. That is evolution.

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Co-authors: Daniel R. Mandelker, Stuart Meck, Dwight H. Merriam, Peter W. Salsich Jr., Nancy E. Stroud, Julie A. Tappendorf

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