This book provides an understanding of the basic mechanics of a real estate closing in Virginia, accessible to the practitioner in the form of a practical "how to" guide. The structure and organization of this new edition remains the same as past editions. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the book and to real estate closings in general. Chapter 2 explains the initial procedures conducted prior to closing. Chapter 3 discusses the role of a closing attorney in title examinations. Chapter 4 explains legal descriptions of property. Chapter 5 provides a discussion of various matters that arise during the preparation of closing documents. Chapter 6 describes the actual closing and consummation of the sale, from the initial scheduling of the closing to the final disbursement of payment. Chapter 7 deals with post- closing procedures such as recording and final title examination. Finally, Chapter 8 provides additional forms for use in a closing.

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Co-author: Michael V. Hernandez

Virginia Practice Series 2015-2016 Edition

Issued December 2015