Even though the modern convention of printing law reports grouped by court or jurisdiction has been forced on the seventeenth century reports by modern bibliographers, in fact, many of the seventeenth-century reports in print include cases from many different courts though they may concentrate on a single court. The result is that some Exchequer cases from 1604 to 1648 have been in print for centuries, but have been lost in the large mass of cases reported from the other courts. This book collects those Exchequer cases and presents them here newly edited in modern English. This will give to the reader a better sense of the history of the Court of Exchequer at this period of time. On the other hand, this collection of reports does not include the Exchequer cases printed in Lane's reports, Robert Paynell's Exchequer reports, nor Selden Society volumes 117 and 118.

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Reports of Cases in the Court of Exchequer from 1604 to 1648. Dog Ear Publishing, 2016. 406 pages, hardcover, $28.95 (shipping not included).

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