Virginia Practice Series-Jury Instructions is a continuation and update of previous editions, which won widespread approval among the bench and bar for almost 40 years.

As in the past, this book is primarily confined to the most common areas of jury trial work, torts and criminal law. Where possible, the language of the instructions is taken directly from reported cases or case records. Where this is not possible, we have set out instructions that should meet both the general rules regarding the form of instructions and the specific substantive legal rules. In the latter cases, close attention has been paid to statements that the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals have made indicating how a proffered instruction might be improved. The suggested instructions try to balance specificity with flexibility, so that they can readily be adapted to the precise circumstances of each case. Nearly every suggested instruction is followed by a comment that sets forth the legal authority underlying the instruction and, in some cases, an extensive discussion of the law.

This publication will be recompiled on an annual basis. Any changes or expansions of the law will be included in amended or additional instructions, comments, and citations. We look forward to carrying on a tradition that, since 1964, has been of great assistance to the bench and bar of Virginia.

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