Fojas begins the preface to her book with a reference to May 1, 2006, a date on which American workers recognized International Labor Day by boycotting their jobs and marching to reject a law that repressed undocumented workers at the same time that it proposed the construction of a wall along the whole 700-mile Mexican border. The author claims that this protest marked "a new era in the predicament of workers at the bottom of the labor market" (vii). For Fojas, this moment marks a new visibility for Latinos and immigrant communities.

It is against this historical and political horizon that Camilla Fojas undertakes her study of how Hollywood cinema has framed and continues to frame our image (national and international) of the Mexico-U.S. frontier. In the process, she traces the history of U.S. military interventions in Mexico and the political pressures imposed on the country South of the border by its more powerful neighbor.

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