Jim Moye


This Article examines whether legislative and policy changes in the federal procurement system will result in major financial and integrity changes. Note that while government procurement activities undertaken by individual states are a substantive part of the Nation's economy, this Article is restricted to federal procurement law and policy. Part I discusses Title 41 of the United States Code, which provides the statutory authority for all federal procurement activities. Part I also briefly covers the supporting regulations known as the Federal Acquisition Rules ("FAR"). Part II examines the roles, membership and obligations of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council ("FARC") and the Chief Acquisition Officers Council and their impact on federal procurement policy. Part III scrutinizes three major federal procurement actions which underscore the need for change. Part IV will provide legislative and policy recommendations to improve the federal procurement system. This Article concludes that the current statutory framework can be modified and creative solutions crafted to establish a more thoughtful and less frenetic federal procurement system.