About This Journal & Calls for Submissions

About the Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies, with the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies, is concerned with advances in the study of leadership. We seek to inform scholars interested in the historical, present-day, and ethical implications of leadership (i.e., leadership as it was, is, and ought to be). To this end, IJLS promotes both quantitative and qualitative, theoretical research-based inquiries into the study of leadership in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. The journal and its authors emphasize explorations into continuities and changes not just in leadership, but also the field of leadership studies. IJLS focuses intently on interdisciplinary research into matters of leadership and comparative approaches to leadership studies.

Inaugural Issue Call for Papers: Special Topic--Leadership, Disease, and Pandemic

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies is seeking submissions for its inaugural volume, themed around “Leadership, Pandemic, and Disease.” We welcome submissions from any discipline in the social sciences, humanities, sciences, arts, or cross-disciplinary studies that address questions of leadership, justice, policy, and/or society relating to the concepts of illness, disease, and pandemic (taken literally or metaphorically).

Epidemiological considerations and sickness have had and continue to have myriad implications for leadership. Disease, illness and pandemics have shaped the course of human industry, exchange, and innovation on every continent of the world occupied by civilization. Complex societies necessitate migration and exchange, and the cross-cultural contact that results has consequences. As people forged and continue to forge increasingly complex and dense societies, nations, and cities, the spread of communicable diseases became an inevitability. The rise of transportation, trade routes, and human mobility has, at times, devastated human populations. We are interested in both historical and contemporary examinations of the ways in which disease and pandemic have left their indelible mark on leadership, society, culture, justice, and, in the modern sense, policy.

We are seeking both full-length articles (apx. 5,000-8,000 words) and book reviews (on volumes related to the theme, apx. 500-1,000 words) for our themed inaugural issue before 1 January 2022. Our Submission Guidelines may be found here. We anticipate a publication date of spring or summer 2022. We also welcome un-themed article and book-review submissions pertaining to leadership studies for future issues (read on for our open call).

Open Call for Papers

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies, with the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies, publishes a wide range of high-quality scholarship. We are currently accepting paper proposals on all research-based, quantitative and qualitative topics regarding leadership and leadership studies. We welcome both collaborative and single-authored papers. Papers must be submitted using this online portal and follow the guidelines outlined at Submission Guidelines.

Open Call for Book Reviews

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies, with the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies, aspires to keep scholars of leadership studies abreast of the newest scholarship in the field. We aim to raise awareness about new books and their usefulness to the study of leadership by a rigorous process of assessment. Reviews of books and the books under review should focus squarely on interdisciplinary material that advances and contextualizes our understanding of leadership and leadership studies. To this end, we welcome both solicited and unsolicited book reviews (the latter subject to approval by our editorial board). These reviews vary in length from 500 to 1000 words. For reviews of single-authored monographs, the standard length is 500 words; for multi-authored, edited volumes and essays, the standard length is 1000 words. For more information on the IJLS book review guidelines, please review our Submission Guidelines.