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Bachelor of Arts



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Dr. Laura Knouse


The Hispanic/Latino population in the United States has been identified as a high-risk group for mental health problems. Unfortunately, due to commonly reported factors such as lack of linguistically and culturally appropriate services, many fail to seek treatment. While growing research has focused on identifying and addressing the different barriers to accessing mental health care experienced by this community, there continues to be a lack of validated Spanish assessments to aid in the evaluation of these barriers. In hopes of overcoming this barrier, and working towards better quality of care for this growing population, this project translated the Barriers to Access to Care Evaluation (BACE) scale, a 30-item self-report instrument that measures barriers to accessing mental health care, and has a special focus on stigma related barriers. Through the completion of a translation, back-translation, and focus group (n = 8) stage, a Spanish-translated version of the BACE was developed. Future directions to validate the translated scale and continue evaluating the linguistic and cultural competency of the scale are discussed.

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Psychology Commons