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This study used a pre/post test design to investigate the effects of a color analysis by Suzanne Cagyill on the self-concept of women. The individual's value system was examined for its effect on integration of the color process. Personality correlations of participants using Suzanne's Season typology were also investigated. Ninety-eight subjects, 94 women and 4 men, completed both the California Personality Inventory (CPI) and the Gordon Allport Scale of Values. Pre-test and post-test pictures were also taken of each subject. A subgroup of approximately 45 women received a more intense analysis in addition to the general color analysis. A two year time interval was implemented between pre and post testing. It is hypothesized that the color analysis process will significantly affect the self-concept of women. The value system of each subject is expected to influence implementation of the color process. Personality correlations in congruence with Suzanne's Season typology are also anticipated. Expected results and future implications are discussed.

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