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"'Eight hundred killed, wounded, and missing, not to mention the loss of three air plains, several tanks, many guns, and many camels, such were the consequences to the French in Syria .... when a horde of infatuated Druses attacked an artillery convoy.'"

Within the last six months the eyes of the world have been focused on this little country east of the Mediterranean. Syrian sympathizers travel the United Stated over seeking our aid in their struggle for independence. General Sarrail,the High Commissioner has been ordered home to explain conditions in his mandate. What is it all about and why? Syria wants her freedom and a seat in the League of Nations.

To the southeast of Syria lies Mesopotamia and Persia. Southwestwardly, England lifts her head beyond the Suez Canal. France caring for her missionaries and teachers in Lebanon casts an eye aside seeking a field for exploitation. Even the Russian Bear, beyond the Caucassians, licks his chops as he gazes on such a "land of milk and honey."

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